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Atlas Real Estate started the business of marketing and promoting Real Estate in the United Arab Emirate  since inception in 1992. Trade register is 11420 and trade license number is 115369 over 27 years in real estate fail. It's well known and trustworthy in the business of Real Estate and has good relations with major traders and investors inside and outside United Arab Emirates. Atlas Real Estate has a long experience in the field of Real Estate marketing and promotion and extensive public relations built on trust, honesty and transparency.  In addition to that Atlas Real Estate, is an agent and legal representative for a number of investors in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

The experience, knowledge of the Real Estate market and its needs, in addition to it abilities and artistic skills in the marketing and promoting Real Estate made a well-known personality in the field of Real Estate, investment and Real Estate brokers. Having --- the development of the Real Estate sector, and the participation of Real Estate establishments in several Real Estate events  in all of the gulf countries and some other Arab countries has led to diverse and strong relations with the clients and people who deal us. Atlas gained the trust of investors and clients due to the trust, seriousness, credibility and transparency he shows in his dealings with Real Estate firms.

Location of Atlas Real Estate- Sharjah

Atlas Real Estate is located in Yarmook area in Sharjah, Alwehda St., Behind the gold centre P.O.Box 2881.


Activities of AL Atlas Real Estate- Sharjah:

80% of the activities of Atlas Real Estate focuses on marketing, promotion and sale of internal projects inside UAE and can be safely said it is a specialized establishment in the field of internal Real Estate marketing management; its activities include the following:

  1. Promoting and marketing real estate projects in UAE.
  2. Management, Renting And Maintenance Of Buildings and Properties.
  3. Supervision of Executing Construction projects.
  4. Consultations and Visibility study for real estate Projects.
  5. Agents  for many owners and Investors in properties of Real Estate Projects.
  6. In addition to that, Atlas  Real Estate provides lease, consultation and sale of local units.

Employees of Atlas Real Estate:

The work force at Atlas Real Estate currently consists, work team with high Scientific qualifications with skills in the art of marketing and sales experience.

Plan and Vision of Atlas Real Estate for 2016:

The visions of Atlas Real Estate represent a real launch into new intelligent partnerships by bringing in attractive, purposeful projects to market.
In addition to some amendments and changes in its administrative structure, bringing in new, efficient cadets who are capable of coping with the new phase of plans and innovations in the field of marketing of projects.

Atlas Real Estate. Marketing Policy:

Atlas Real Estate follows a flexible policy based on a large data base which facilitates easy and fast access to clients. In addition, intelligent partnerships entered into with other companies created dynamic marketing and promotion operations. The extensive public network that we maintained played a major role in sustaining credibility and viability of the projects which launched.

The persistent presence of Atlas Real Estate in major Real Estate events and exhibitions inside UAE and the Gulf and Arab Countries lead to the prominent trade mark position.   

Atlas Real Estate . Promotional and Marketing Campaigns:

Atlas Real Estate , frequently launches promotional and advertising campaigns in the local and regional newspapers and other advertising and social media especially on seasons for Real Estate events and exhibitions, inside or outside UAE, to reflect on and present the type of projects that in the market.



We hope that we have successfully presented a detailed view on Atlas Real Estate in sharjah- and the activities, type of real estate products that we deliver to the market and the relationships that we have,   promotional and marketing campaigns.

Yours truly,

Saeed  A.H Alhabib

General Manager

Atlas Real Estate.